Non-profit web content

Women Building Futures

Women Building Futures (WBF) is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping women get into non-traditional careers that pay well and provide opportunities for advancement.

I worked with WBF as part of a redesign project to improve their website and online application process. In the original site, information on application requirements was spread between the main site and the login-protected My WBF portal. This made it more difficult for applicants to get a full picture of what they needed to apply.

Application section

All application-related content that did not require password protection was brought into the main site.

I worked with stakeholders to expand content on the fitness assessment process. I also revised other existing content, including

  • adapting PDF content into HTML pages
  • moving content hidden under tooltips into the main text to help with findability and clarity


Getting started section

I revised existing content and created new content for this section, including a brand-new page explaining how classes work.