Every project is different, depending on the type and scope of work to be completed. Please read on for the factors I consider when pricing a project, then contact me for your customized quote.

Web projects

Factors that can affect the cost of web projects include

  • how big the website is
  • how much brand-new content needs to be created
  • how much existing content can be repurposed
  • the quality of existing content
  • how much research is required to create new content
  • whether or not a new structure (information architecture) needs to be developed

Editing projects

There are several different types of editing. I am a certified proofreader. I also provide stylistic and copy editing services. See the definitions of editorial skills from Editors Canada for more details about these areas.

Factors that can affect the cost of editing projects include

  • the length of the text
  • the level of work required (are you looking for proofreading, copy editing or more?)
  • the results of a sample edit

Writing projects

I quote most writing projects based on two rounds of revisions. Factors that can affect the cost of writing projects include

  • expected number of words
  • amount of research required
  • additional rounds of revisions

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